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Drug Addiction: Medical and Emotional Help
People with a drug addiction need both medical help and emotional support. A conservative view might blame the person, while a very liberal view might attack the drug. In actuality, the only thing that is important is the rehabilitation of the member …
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Fayetteville YMCA starting community conversation about heroin
The conversation is meant to raise awareness of, and educate people about, heroin addiction, as well as support those already dealing with it. Among the event's 11 panelists is East Syracuse mom Melissa Hosier, whose 19-year-old daughter died of a …

BioCorRx gears up for battle vs. drug addiction epidemic
The second component is a customized coaching program for alcoholics and drug addicts. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has expressed support to BioCorRx's program. “We support the full range of all forms of medication being made available to people …
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Addiction can be wedge, stake in heart of a family
These days, she finds herself often trying to steer families lost in the fog of addiction. “With this new set of drugs it's a very different approach to treatment, there's not a lot of guidance and certainly not a lot of support for families who are …
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Methylin Addiction and Methylin Abuse – – Methylin Addiction and Methylin Abuse – Take the first step toward drug or alcohol rehabilitation and call our Toll Free Recover…

Types of Stimulants That Are Abused – – Types of Stimulants That Are Abused – Discover the best treatment options for you. Call our Toll-Free Recovery Hotline at 1-800-…

Genes for 'Liking' Amphetamine Lower Schizophrenia, ADHD Risk
The self-reported Profile of Mood States, Drug Effects Questionnaire, and Addiction Research Center Inventory were administered at each visit to ask the participants several questions, including how the capsule made them feel. Blood samples were also …
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Your Brain On: Adderall
On some campuses, up to 35 percent of students admit to popping amphetamine-based drugs like Adderall or Concerta to aid with exam cramming, says Lawrence Diller, M.D., a member of the University of California, San Francisco's clinical faculty who has …
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People playing with their lives, says former addict
But the reality is that drug trends and the abuse of these lethal substances, do not stand idly by waiting for passive governments and others to get their act together to protect their own communities. …. the substance is cut or adulterated by …
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Public records: Chillicothe Municipal Court
… ordered to pay fine and court costs. Obstructing official business — Stanley W. Mitchell, 30, of 2843 Ohio 207, Lot 22, case dismissed without prejudice because facts were unlikely to result in conviction. … Theft, receiving stolen property …
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Jobs Report: an Ersatz Memo
Or (more likely): despair and hopelessness can make a lot of these people simply “go away”—through self-destructive behavior, alcoholism, drug abuse, shootings, “accidents.” You see, adopting a useful military analogy, you've attacked the poor and the …
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Capital Health Care: E-cig ban takes effect; soda ban receives support
ON DRINK SIZE –- The city's health department received a boost from a coalition of hospitals and minority advocates who filed an amicus brief in support of the city's ban on large sugary drinks, saying “the problem it addresses is perhaps the gravest …
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Protecting Vermont's Children, Part Two: Assessing Neglect
Walcott says many of the families DCF works with whose members have substance abuse problems fall into this "risk of harm" category. Madison Akin, a counselor at … “Students will come into our office and they'll be talking about drug use," Akin says …
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Poverty series: Lebanon fares well compared to other counties, but there's
Drug addiction took its toll. Neither had jobs, and they were evicted from their apartment. That's when they took a long, hard look at things and eliminated drugs from their lives. They joined Palmyra Circles in September 2012, and soon started entry …
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Question by Master Cool: why do i like watching women get abused?
hi all
i have a really sad confession to make.

ive always watched porn, i think alot of young men do and i never really saw anything wrong with it.

it started a few years ago with pictures, then it moved up to videos, to the point that i was spending a fair amount of cash on adult dvds.

but more recently ive been introduced to “extreme” sorts of porn, where the woman would get savagely abused, maybe till the point where she would start crying. and i enjoy it, i get off on it.

but i know its totally wrong. my mind is corrupt, i just don’t know what to do anymore.

i know some of you are going to flame me or tell me to “get help”, but how exactly? can i just walk into a shrink and tell him about this? what can he do for me apart from giving me a weird look. i hate being like this, its totally disgusting and foul,

please help me. i want to change.

Best answer:

Answer by macy;;*
wow .
STOP watching the videos.
find another interest.
talk to a shrink, and shrinks will do nothing but help you
and im sure he/she will be weirded out by your problem,
but they’ll help.

Answer by GutterStars
i am a girl and i like to watch the same thing. but i am totally crazy.

PEI government adding three positions to addictions treatment services
CHARLOTTETOWN — The P.E.I. government says three new frontline workers should improve services for people dealing with addiction. Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie says the positions include an addictions patient navigator, an outreach social …
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Zeitgeist's 'Good Television' exposes a harsh reality
First-time playwright Rod McLachlan intrepidly does so in “Good Television,'' a drama about an “Intervention''-like reality series on drug addiction that debuted off-Broadway last year and is now receiving its New England premiere at Zeitgeist Stage …
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Narconon Freedom Center Issues Information on Dangers of New Synthetic Drug
Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the Eastern United States offer comprehensive drug rehabilitation, drug education and addiction prevention services. The Narconon program has helped hundreds of thousands of people to rid themselves of drugs …
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