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Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse is becoming a growing problem across the country. It became a huge part of popular culture in the 1960’s and 1970’s and then saw a resurgence in the 1990’s. Today, its’ use and abuse has become alarming. Millions of individuals including teens and adolescents are using marijuana and becoming addicted.

Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that marijuana is not harmful and is among the better choices of street drugs. There are even groups pushing for its’ legalization. However, the types of marijuana being smoked today are much more powerful then their predecessors and an increasing number of people are becoming marijuana addicts.

Marijuana abuse must be taken seriously. It is nothing to be made light of. Many people that abuse marijuana will stay high for large portions of the day. This makes it difficult to be productive, puts them at risk for driving accidents and can drain a person financially. In order to support one’s habit, individuals may be forced to engage in illegal and illicit activities, which may put the public at risk.

Marijuana addicts need to be in some sort of rehabilitation program that will effectively address their Marijuana abuse. It is important to find a good rehab facility that takes Marijuana abuse seriously and has proven programs in place to treat it. It may take more then one try before an individual finds a program that fits them. However, the effort that it will take will definitely be worth it, once a person becomes marijuana free.

It is important that Marijuana abuse be recognized as an addiction by those that suffer from it. Many times, even the addict themselves refuses to admit that they have a problem. This may partly be because they see themselves as being better off then those addicted to harder drugs. They might notice as rapid a deterioration and thus wrongly assume that they are okay. Unfortunately, Marijuana abuse and addiction can cause a number of very serious problems as well, both socially and physically.

Long term Marijuana abuse can lead to a loss of memory. Dementia may also become a problem. Individuals who abuse marijuana may also have increased incidences of lung cancers. The threat and damage to one’s health is real and very serious. There are also social ramifications of Marijuana abuse. An individual may not be able to fully relate or be “present” with other people because they are high. They might also have difficulties getting and holding down a job.

Persons that are addicted to marijuana or who abuse the drug do need to get help. For teenagers and adolescents, this is especially true. The sooner a person stops using drugs, the better off they will be. If they are able to nip Marijuana abuse in the bud, they will save themselves a lifetime of problems, including graduation to harder, more potent and dangerous drugs.