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Oxycontin Addiction

OxyContin addiction is one that is growing tremendously. An increasing number of people are taking this prescription painkiller to get high. Addiction to prescription drugs such as Oxycontin is becoming a real problem and one that has to be addressed sooner rather then later. While it is impossible to eradicate drug use (or it would have been done by now), it is important that those who can, do something about it. This includes everyone in the community such as parents, schools and law enforcement officers. Drug rehab facilities typically come into the picture after an individual has already developed an OxyContin addiction.

While drug rehab facilities are extremely important because they help individuals reclaim their lives, the best approach is a preventative one. However, because it is not possible to stop individuals who want to use drugs from doing so, the drug rehabilitation community will have a major role to play in the fight against OxyContin addiction after it occurs.

An OxyContin addiction often times develops accidently. A person may initially have had an injury that required painkillers and were prescribed them by their doctor, became physically dependent on them and then developed an addiction. Oxycontin and similar painkillers are very addicting and individuals have to be careful or they can indeed become hooked very quickly.

After a person discovers that they are having a difficult time getting by without using the drugs, rehab should be the next step. However, this is not often what happens. Instead, persons look for ways to obtain the drug and continue with their OxyContin addiction.

In order to get the drug, they may make visits with multiple doctors with the intent of getting prescribed Oxycontin by them. This allows the addict to get several prescriptions of Oxycontin at one time. When one doctor cuts them off, they will attempt to find another one to replace him or her. This is referred to as physician shopping.

Another way that individuals get oxycontin is by stealing it. They might steal pills from their family and/or friends. Breaking into pharmacies is also becoming more common. This type of theft allows individuals to get large quantities of the drugs at one time. They may keep it all themselves or sell some of it to other addicts for cash.

OxyContin addiction has become a very serious problem with no signs of improving in sight. Individuals continue to abuse prescription drugs in record numbers and for varying reasons. Some people begin using them after having been legitimately prescribed the drug, often times after surgery. They then develop a physical dependency that leads to addiction. Other individuals simply enjoy the way that the drug makes them feel. Either way, once individuals become hooked on these very addicting drugs, they are willing to go to great lengths to get it. This includes doctor shopping, stealing from family, friends and acquaintances and well as prescription forgery. Individuals with an OxyContin addiction should get help as soon as possible from a qualified and proven drug facility.

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