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Percocet Abuse

Percocet abuse has become a serious and pressing problem in the United States. An increasing number of individuals including men, women, adolescents and teenagers are using prescription drugs but not for their intended purposes but to get high. One of the most commonly prescription drugs utilized for this reason is Percocet. Percocet is a prescription painkiller that consists of Oxycodone which is a narcotic and Tylenol. It is given in various doses depending on the amount of pain a person complains of. Individuals can ingest Percocet by swallowing in pill form. They may also chew it or crush it and snort it similarly to what one might do when using cocaine.

Persons that use Percocet may experience feelings of drowsiness, become lightheaded, feel sedated, may throw up or become constipated. They may also have strong feelings of well-being or euphoria. These are the primary feelings people are after when they use Percocet. Like any other drugs, whether they are prescribed or illegal, there are dangers involved, particularly if one overdoses. In these instances a person’s skin may turn blue or turn get clammy and/or cold. They may fall into a coma, have a heart attack or experience a slow heart beat. They may also vomit or develop muscle weakness.

One of the biggest dangers of Percocet use is that is very highly addictive. Individuals can become dependent on the drug in as little as two to three weeks. However the strong feelings of euphoria that the drug provides make this potential trade off worth it for many people. Also, the body’s chemical structure is altered so that it becomes physically difficult for people to stop. Only after detoxification of the drug and intense therapy, in the majority of cases, will an individual be able to overcome Percocet abuse and addiction.

Many individuals who have a Percocet abuse problem will require some type of treatment. This is partly because the drug is so physically addicting that it can be difficult for one to quit on their own even if they have iron will power. Often times it is necessary for a person to go through a detoxification program, though it is possible for one to detox on their own. This period is very distressing largely due to the physical withdrawals. Persons may have the shakes, throw up, sweat profusely, and runny nose and/or eyes.

This process has to occur and once individuals get through it, they will be able to better face the addiction. After detoxification, a person may need to go to counseling to understand why they use drugs and to develop strategies to avoid their use in the future. Percocet abuse is a very dangerous and very costly. It can cost an individual their lives physically and also the way of life they have become accustomed to.

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