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Drug Addiction: Medical and Emotional Help
People with a drug addiction need both medical help and emotional support. A conservative view might blame the person, while a very liberal view might attack the drug. In actuality, the only thing that is important is the rehabilitation of the member …
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Fayetteville YMCA starting community conversation about heroin
The conversation is meant to raise awareness of, and educate people about, heroin addiction, as well as support those already dealing with it. Among the event's 11 panelists is East Syracuse mom Melissa Hosier, whose 19-year-old daughter died of a …

BioCorRx gears up for battle vs. drug addiction epidemic
The second component is a customized coaching program for alcoholics and drug addicts. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has expressed support to BioCorRx's program. “We support the full range of all forms of medication being made available to people …
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Addiction can be wedge, stake in heart of a family
These days, she finds herself often trying to steer families lost in the fog of addiction. “With this new set of drugs it's a very different approach to treatment, there's not a lot of guidance and certainly not a lot of support for families who are …
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Question by : Why Do People Hate Eminems “Recovery”?
I’ve heard all of his stuff. I think Recovery is him at his peak. Why do people think he got worst?

Idk, I’d get pretty tired if he released another album complaining about his wife, mom, drugs ect…
*I’ve heard all of his stuff.

Best answer:

Answer by Paul
have you heard not afraid?

that is the corniest song i have ever heard

Answer by Makaveli
It’s not as on point lyrically, and not edgy enough for me… I still thought it was a great album though, just not the same and definitely not him at his peak

Recovering drug addicts share message of recovery at Horicon heroin summit
"It started with my father," Darby said. "He literally died with a rope around his neck and a needle in his arm." "I thought social drinking and drugs was just common," Alvarado said. The Fox Valley natives grew up surrounded by alcohol and drugs …
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Psychedelic tabs ordered online
He added that Harrison had no previous convictions, had co-operated with police, and had referred himself for drug counselling. "You now realise what a big mistake you made . . . " He saw no benefit in ending Harrison's studies by sending him to jail.
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Elections make addicts overstay at Punjab rehabilitation centres
Fearing free distribution of drugs and liquor during elections, the families of drug addicts are prolonging their stay at various de-addiction, counselling and rehabilitation centres across the state. Various addicts undergoing counselling a nd …
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Question by : What are four drug help websites?
I’m doing a project on ecstasy for health class and I need to find four websites to help drug abusers. Help?

Best answer:

Answer by Anonymus None
Google in “drug help” or “rehab” should come up with tons of treatment centers or for an even quicker search google A and E Intervention there should be a box that says treatment or treatment centers click that viola! easy A for your project.

Evansville IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Installation of New Program for
Evansville IN Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that it is installing a new program for drug addicts seeking relief from their way of living that is now available in Evansville and surrounding areas. With the proliferation of all types of drugs in today …
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Sandusky, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Updated Residential Treatment
Too many people live their lives under the spell of drug addiction, hiding and shunning those who love them in order to get their daily fix. When the power of drugs wears off, a person is left with decisions and choices. Yet this mental state that they …
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Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse
Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Understanding the power of drugs and alcohol that take a person from functioning to broken helps when beginning to heal, and there is help available.
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Drug abuse goes out of control
Chaman Shah Etemadi, the representative from Ghazni and member of the parliamentary committee to counter narcotics said a lack of jobs and failure to provide vocational training to cured drug addicts were stumbling blocks to their successful …
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Legal high battle a political hot potato
Addicts and their families have come forward to share their tales of developing psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, losing relationships and jobs while dependent on the legal highs, and how they have struggled to shake that dependency. Medical experts fear …
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State senator leads drug talk
WEIRTON – State Sen. Robert "Rocky" Fitzsimmons, D-Wheeling, asked the many attending a meeting Thursday of Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention for input in dealing with the illegal drug problem and got an earful. Various officials from Brooke …
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Question by 36: why do people abuse drugs?

Best answer:

Answer by Nathan
boredom, their friends are doing it, to escape from life, to be cool

Answer by thebigd
I guess because they start becoming a way to take you away from reality. Although it might be fun at first, but it turns into a living nightmare.

Obama adviser says recovering drug addicts should speak up
NEW HAVEN — The president's top adviser on drug policy urged those recovering from drug addiction to give hope to others by speaking out, saying that stigma and denial about substance abuse are obstacles to treatment. Michael Botticelli, acting …
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What's the best way to treat doctors on drugs? #tellusatoday
More than 100,000 health professionals across the country struggle with drug abuse or addiction. They are rarely caught, putting the lives of their patients in danger, a USA TODAY investigation revealed. We asked our followers on Twitter what should be …
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Kutztown area residents turn out for substance abuse meeting
Speakers including State Senator Judy Schwank say the drug abuse problem affects the entire community. "It's not somebody else's problem, it's our problem. And when it impacts one family, it truly impacts all of us," Schwank said. Hundreds of people …
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