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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

The need for Oxycontin addiction treatment is on the rise. As more and more people become addicted to this particular drug, the need for treatment increases. Drug rehab facilities all over the country are seeing a huge jump in the number of admissions for prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin. As a result, they are having to provide Oxycontin addiction treatment to a growing number of patients. This, like most addictions, is very hard to break. Often times it takes individuals several tries before they are able to get clean.

An Oxycontin addiction is often hidden from one’s family and friends. This is often because it is a prescription drug and not many people will be suspicious if they see someone that they love take it. Often times, a person will only get busted when it is discovered that they are continuing to take the drug long after their injury has healed in cases where the drug was legitimately prescribed. In instances where individuals take it solely for the purpose of getting high, they might be found out when someone discovers that they are needlessly using the drug.

There are number of Oxycontin addiction treatment options. They include going it alone, going through traditional rehab and medical treatment. All of these have advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss those a little more in-depth below.

a. Traditional rehab model: This form of Oxycontin addiction treatment is similar to what people addicted to other drugs go through. A person might receive individual and/or group counseling, educational classes and any other treatment that may be specific to a particular rehab facility. The success rates of this model are mixed. Drug addicts typically have to go through rehabilitation a number of times before they get clean and even then they may relapse months or years later. Persons will typically have the best experience if they are ready to quit using and find a program that fits their personality and particular needs.

b. Medical treatment: There are some Oxycontin addiction treatment programs that administer drugs. These are used to help wean persons off of drugs slowly. This often results in a much better experience for the addict and makes the withdrawal period much easier. Drug withdrawals can be quite uncomfortable. People may throw up, develop the shakes, become nauseous, have hot flashes and the sweats. Many people either put off quitting or don’t quit for long because of withdrawals symptoms.

c. Go at it alone: Some people attempt to go at it alone. They try to conjure up enough willpower to quit using. Sometimes individuals are successful, often times they are not. For persons with a strong oxycontin addiction, it can be very difficult to get clean without external help.