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Painkiller Addiction Treatment

For many years, painkiller abuse was the “silent” addiction that no one spoke of. Many people hid their use of painkillers or other prescription drugs from their family and friends. Well, today, painkiller addiction is getting more press then ever, largely because there has been such a huge increase in use of these particular drugs. Many people going to extreme lengths to obtain them and the news are beginning to report it. Doctor shopping, pharmacy thefts and prescription forgery has increased tremendously.

As new reports cover these incidences and more people begin talking about it, addicts are coming forward and telling their stories. More and more individuals are also checking themselves into Painkiller addiction treatment programs, which is further evidence of this growing problem.

Organizations that study drug abuse and addictions have found that prescription drugs, methamphetamines and marijuana are the three types of drugs whose use is growing. More people then ever are reporting use of these substances. The reasons why are unclear.

Some people believe that painkiller misuse is on the rise because it is legal. It is a prescription drug so people are able to get it legally from their doctors. People also do not have to purchase drugs from a drug dealer. Of course they can if they have no other options. But largely, at least at first, they don’t have to worry about coming across a violent drug dealer or being arrested for illegal drug possession.

This type of addiction is generally pretty safe in terms of legal repercussions if all a person is doing is doctor shopping. However, things can go downhill fast if an individual starts to steal the drugs, attempt to forge prescriptions or begins buying from a drug dealer.

Many people don’t start off taking painkillers to use them to get high, though there are definitely those that do. These individuals often have some type of injury or have just had surgery and are prescribed the medication by their doctors. It is after they begin taking it to deal with a legitimate injury, that they find themselves hooked. They may then attempt to fake more injuries to keep the drugs coming or go to multiple doctors to get as many drugs as possible.

Painkiller addiction treatment is often the best option for those addicted to these types of drugs. This is because the drug is so addicting that it can be very difficult for a person to give up using them on their own. There are special medical detoxification programs that will allow individuals to get the drugs out of their body slowly so that the withdrawal symptoms are not so severe. There are generally at least several in every state. Persons should seriously consider checking in to such a program if they find themselves repeatedly unable to make it through the first few days of their attempts to quit. Painkiller addiction treatment is just what many persons need to get clean and should be utilized when necessary.

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