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Public records: Chillicothe Municipal Court
… ordered to pay fine and court costs. Obstructing official business — Stanley W. Mitchell, 30, of 2843 Ohio 207, Lot 22, case dismissed without prejudice because facts were unlikely to result in conviction. … Theft, receiving stolen property …
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Jobs Report: an Ersatz Memo
Or (more likely): despair and hopelessness can make a lot of these people simply “go away”—through self-destructive behavior, alcoholism, drug abuse, shootings, “accidents.” You see, adopting a useful military analogy, you've attacked the poor and the …
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Question by *Laura*: Opinions on “spanking is abuse” parents?
What is your opinion of the people that say “spanking your child is abuse” “I’m going to call CPS on you if I see you spank that child” “my child can do what they want,they’re their own person” etc and end up with drug addicted pregnant teens,and want to blame the REST of society for their children being how they are? Don’t you agree that those parents should be the most to blame for how their children are? I mean obviously they’ve taught them no morals,no self value,nothing of that sort,not a difference between right and wrong. Your opinions? I think spanking is 100% fine if it’s done in the right way,with the right reasons behind it,not just because you’re mad at your child. It’s done to teach a lesson,not to abuse a child. HUGE difference between spanking and abuse,and by not spanking/teaching your children right/wrong,you’re allowing THEM To become the abusers to someone else because they don’t know any better.

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Answer by Mrs. Bobby Ray a.k.a B.o.B
I think when a parent spanks their child its for a good reason. It keeps them steady and out of jail.!

Answer by la-tee-da

I thought you got this all out yesterday. Why still ranting today?

I personally do not spank. I have no children of my own- and regardless of a parent’s discipline techniques, I feel I have no right to lay my hand on another person’s child- EVER.

'Take Back Day' to crack down on prescription drug abuse
TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A drug epidemic is now exploding in teens and pre-teens. Prescription and over the counter medications are becoming the high of choice. On Saturday, law enforcement agencies across the Wabash Valley hosted a Drug Take …
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Teen Institute helps youths prevent drug abuse, violence
Six years ago, when Lauren first went to the Regional Teen Institute, a four-day summer camp in Ripley, she was in sixth grade, “a gawky, awkward middle school kid,” she said. “I was extremely hesitant to go by myself, knowing absolutely not a single …
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Teen substance abuse is the new 'normal,' school counselor says
PLEASANT HILL — Gone are the days when "stoners" could be picked out of a crowd on high school campuses, a counselor at College Park High warned parents this week. These days, Jason Lechner told the parents and students Thursday night, even star …
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US Attorney Assembles Group To Address Growing Problem Of Opiate Overdoses
“I've been in the field over 30 years in western Pennsylvania, and at this time, the problem with prescription drug abuse, heroin addiction and drug overdose deaths have never been worse in our community,” said group co-chair Nick Capretto …
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Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant help, hurt or
They believe mothers worried about criminal charges are more likely to avoid addiction treatment or prenatal care, and unlikely to seek treatment for infants suffering from the symptoms of drug dependency. Some may leave the state or seek abortions to …
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Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics
“Substance abuse requires comprehensive approaches that include prevention, intervention and treatment. But if we can get these unneeded drugs out of our neighborhoods, we will be taking a step in the right direction.” Yet, amid this opiate epidemic, …
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'Treatment, not punishment'
The Asian Harm Reduction Network Myanmar office was established in July 2003 under a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Home Affairs' Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control. The AHRN, which now works in cooperation with the Ministry of …
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The good and the bad about Elevation Church.
“I was once a drug addict and this church has cleansed me for the better.” She elaborated, “No matter what your past, Furtick says to bring the … church and everything members receive costs money. It's expensive. I know all the funds go to support …
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Police warn businesses of increase in drug-related shoplifting
… them for money or trading them for drugs. Earlier this month, a man was arrested after he walked out of Kitz and Pfeil True Value Hardware with more than $ 500 worth of copper wire, which he stole to resell in order to support his heroin addiction …
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Question by lina inverse: I’m in my 40s; how come everyone my age seems to have problems “handling” alcohol?
When I was younger, I had very good tolerance of alcohol, but now everyone my age (including myself) seem to get really affected by alcohol both during and after having a few. I’ve pretty much quit, but I always wondered “what happened?” that I can’t enjoy a margarita anymore without getting really stupid, and feeling like crap the next day.

Best answer:

Answer by ghost
Wear and tear on the body. My real mom died at 51 due to liver problems. This is a good indication that you need to not drink.

Answer by holey moley
I’m 50, and I handle alcohol just fine. Because I no longer wish to be drunk, I limit myself to 2 or 3 drinks.

'Growing Pains' Star Jeremy Miller Battled Alcohol Addiction
Child star Jeremy Miller admitted in an interview on Entertainment Tonight that he faced alcohol problems after Growing Pains ended taping in the early 1990's. Miller is a child star who found fame in 1985 for his role as Ben Seaver on the ABC sitcom …
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ART Treatment for Alcohol Problems
“For people who report problem drinking in negative emotional situations, such as depression, anxiety or stress, we have developed a promising treatment approach that shows greater reductions in alcohol use when compared to standard treatment,” says …
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East Texas agencies educate on alcohol abuse
“We look at the obstacles that prevent them from getting where they want to go,” she said. “Alcohol abuse is not uncommon but drug abuse is more common in the people we see.” When it comes to alcohol awareness, Day-Bevis said Mothers Against Drunk …
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Prescription Drug Abuse Increases on US Campuses
Nationally, the types of prescription drugs most commonly abused are pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety medication and stimulants, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The most common prescription drugs abused are Vicodin …
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Bridging Medicaid's medical and behavioral care chasm
On April 1, the Mercy Care Plan, under contract with the state of Arizona, started coordinating medical treatment with behavioral care and substance-abuse services for Medicaid beneficiaries in the Phoenix area who suffer from serious mental illness …

Four running for probate/juvenile judge
I've handled all kinds of cases, from felony rape down to DUI and real estate transaction, but I'm drawn toward juvenile and probate cases. I see that the …. Probably 90 percent of the juvenile court cases can be traced back to substance abuse in the …
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Roanoke teens' STD rate higher than state average
If you see your kid's mood drastically changing, that's a red flag for so many things — mental health illness, substance abuse and sexual activity.” Health department STD testing … “I'm eight feet away from you,” the man types into his phone. “Let's …
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