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Lafayette addiction treatment center dispensing anti-overdose kits
Staffers at Lafayette's New Leaf Treatment Center want to make sure the overdose reversal kits are accessible to everyone. That's why the center, which treats clients with alcohol and drug addictions from Lamorinda, Contra Costa County and the greater …
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Shutdown of Braintree addiction treatment center leaves some without access to
The clinic, a branch of the Northampton-based CleanSlate Addiction Treatment Centers, opened in a medical office building on Washington Street but town officials quickly discovered that the center had not sought proper permits and ordered it shut down.
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United Treatment Centers, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UTRM) Grows on Stock Retirement
United Treatment Centers, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UTRM, UTRM message board) had one of its more successful days of buying. The newly active marijuana stock grew by 36% to $ 0.0034, on buying volumes above $ 213,000. With that activity and price range, UTRM …
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Cancer Treatment Centers of America® wins Sitecore's 2013 Best Customer
SCHAUMBURG, Ill., March 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) website,, has been awarded Sitecore's "2013 Best Customer/User Experience Award." Sitecore is the global …
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How marijuana munis could save the states
If you toss out the morality of societal marijuana addiction/use in society which has resulted in a very high cost versus low benefit ratio and look at it from a purely fiscal perspective, there is no doubt that recycling the money this nation's poor …
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4 More Reasons to Reject Legalizing Marijuana
USA Today just reported the following in an article on addiction and marijuana: "A group of addiction counselors and physicians said they're seeing more marijuana addiction problems, especially in youths, and that wider pot availability will exacerbate …
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Drug addiction experts want state to exercise caution with medical marijuana
Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is taking steps to move ahead with the legalization of medical marijuana in New York state, there are some who are urging caution. The concern comes from experts who deal with drug addictions every day. During his State of …
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Question by FAITH: How come people on government assistance are not subject to a drug test before and while receiving benefits?
Our tax dollars are paying for a lot of people’s drug addictions. I know here in California, most people on welfare are also on some type of drug abuse. They will take the General Relief money and Food Stamps and feed their drug habit instead of the kids. I believe they should all be subject to drug testing to receive benefits from our tax money and continue with unannounced drug testing to continue to receive payments. We the tax payers have a right to where the money is going.

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Answer by TheOrange Evil
I think it’d be a lot cheaper and easier to 1) get rid of welfare, especially long-term welfare, and 2) make drugs legal.

Answer by Easy, later tonight my rm.
I think WI just got tougher. WI has a good gov. currently, and he’s hated by the socialists. The socialist left think Government is infringing on the rights of the poor if they have to produce an ID or get a drug test. Idiots!

I agree with the first guy as well. Legalize them all for the sake of freedom.

Question by denveryay: How is it possible to absolutely categorize Alcoholim as a disease and not an illness?
“Disease” is a very loosely defined term in many respects. There are multiple disorders, infenctions, and symptoms that can be typical of a definable disease. Also, a disease must have specific and constant cause(s), which in the case of Alcoholism is the CHOICE to drink ethyl-alcohol. The cause of the “disease” is the recurring and disregarding CHOICE to drink. A choice, however pathological or illogical, doesn’t seem to be appropriate as a cause or a condition of any disease. Despite the negative psychological, physiological, and other results of long-term alcohol abuse, it seems that it shouldn’t be classified as anything more than a treatable mental disorder.

“Illness, although often used to mean disease, can also refer to a person’s perception of their health, regardless of whether they in fact have a disease. A person without any disease may feel unhealthy and believe he has an illness. Another person may feel healthy and believe he does not have an illness even though he may have a disease” – Wikipedia on ‘Disease’

It is true that if some Alcoholics didn’t have a disease to blame for their disorder, they would not be able to stop drinking. It is also true that because of Alcholism-as-a-disease, many people who ABUSE alcohol are led into misperceptions about their drinking habits. In fact, it is only alcohol DEPENDENCE that could possibly even begin to be categorized as a disease.

An individual who is alcohol-dependent exhibits behavior indicitive of addiction. Drink-seeking, withdrawal and tolerance, and psychological malfunction among others are the results and symptoms of addiction. My father and friends have struggled with alchohol and drug addictions and I have seen the both successful and unsuccessful treatments implemented in their lives.

It seems that Alcoholism and drug addictions are psychological disorders that in a vast majority of instances could be cured by a conscious choice (however difficult) to STOP using the cause of the addiction. It has been proven in many instances that an addict can stop using the object of their addiction without any complications, as long as they are commited to quitting.

It seems that diseases should only be those such as Cancer, Diabetes, Hepatitis and the like. People who have these diseases cannot make a choice to simply stop a behavior to ease their pains. Whereas, although undoubtedly difficult, an addict can ease his or her addiction by making a powerful choice to stop using.

By allowing alcoholism to be categorized as a disease, it seems that negative stigma is removed from addicts’ behaviors and people who drink are given an excuse to justify their behavior. Instead of feeling like they’ve let themselves and their families down, they are able to blam their behavior on a cause outside of their control, which is simply not true.

“Neither the U.S. Veterans Administration nor the Social Security Administration makes payments to individuals, whose disabilities stem from substance abuse, including alcoholism.” – From Shoutwire

I am NOT pro- or anti- any of this I am looking for factual objective evidence and ideas that could lead to helping me understand why Alchoholism is given reprieve by its disease classification.

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Answer by kentuckyredhead5353
Well about half way through I had a problem and I developed this question. What is the difference with what you were saying in comparison to a cigarette smoker for some it’s the habit and the motion and some get physically sick for the lack of nicotine is it not similar. emotional vs physical and different for different personality types? 🙂 Guess I could read on have a good one:-)
OK I’m finally done now i get it, it’s all in there head so all they have to do is get it out of their head and it will all go away. They just will it away. Take 2 aspirins have a sucker and call me in the morning:-)
oh excuse me revision: update-read the last part. it was taken out as a disease because social security was being drained by leagal alcoholics that the government makes good taxes off of. The only help and recourse for a recovering alcoholic, drug user, vet, is a mental health clinic because why did they drink in the first place. Now uncle sam pays for their drugs and kills them off with a lousy health plan. looks who is on all the class action suits that will never collect anything. Trust me I have done my homework on this subject. I know many vets and low income disabled people. Nothing has changed but the name of the disease.

Answer by vinnydamedic
The so called “holy bible” of the world of Psychology and Psychaitry classifies Alcoholism as an addiction, and a psychological disorder (call it illness, disease, whatnot). With it’s classification in the DSM-IVTR, it is now possible to use this disorder as reason for non-competence for crimes, permanent psychiatric disability and other medical claims.

Anoka Co. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Gets High Honors
An Anoka County drug and alcohol treatment program was recently honored for its work to help local women get their lives back on track. The county's Enhanced Treatment Program earned both the Achievement Award from the Association of Minnesota …

Rock Doc: Old drug offers new hope for quitting alcohol
But there is still a long road to travel before gabapentin is considered by the Food and Drug Administration as a possible treatment for alcoholism. And even if the FDA took action today to approve gabapentin for such use, people who suffer from …
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A Pill to Cure Addiction?
In 2011, more than 21 million Americans needed treatment for a problem related to alcohol or drugs, according to the federal government's most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Many try to quit, but studies show 60% or more of alcoholics …
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Question by killer_of_the_dead: What does it mean when some one says ” He/she went into Rehab?”?
What does rehab do to people and why do pepople gp there?

Best answer:

Answer by Ella
Rehab is short for rehabilitation. Someone could go to rehab for a number of reasons including addictions or substance abuse reasons. People receive counseling and behavior modification during rehab while living in a supportive and safe environment.

Answer by Katie M
They usually go there for help with alcohol or drug addictions, “rehabilitation”.

A New Day Rehab Reaches Out to More Victims of Substance Abuse
A New Day Rehab has announced their plans to get the word out to more victims of substance abuse across the USA. Beginning with a new website and company look, they are seeking to help patients that are serious about their recovery. Mike Slinskey …
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Acupuncture & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation
One of the most rapidly changing areas of healthcare is that of addiction medicine. Advances in brain imaging technology have allowed doctors and scientists to understand addiction, and recovery from addictive disorders, at the level of the individual …
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Question by [annie]: Do you think drug addicts are starting to catch on…?
…to the fact that the “documentary about addiction” they’re contributing to is actually Intervention?
touche to the both of you 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Laurbie
I’ve wondered about that too! I think that they are to out of it. Also, alot of them have sold their TVs for dope, so they haven’t seen the show.

Answer by Sarah
ive been wondering that.

but i think usually the drug addicts are more interested in getting more drugs than what is on Monday nights.


Film 'The Anonymous People' to be Shown
The Anonymous People is a feature documentary film based upon the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions. Deeply entrenched social stigma has kept Recovery Voices silent and faces hidden for …
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PHOTOS: Celebrities gone too soon
13, 1996, at age 25 after being shot four times six days earlier in Las Vegas. In addition to his rapping career, Shakur did some acting. His greatest hits … Steve Irwin, better known as "The Crocodile Hunter," died at age 44 on Sept. 4, 2006, after …
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IDFA 2013 Award Winners
… Euros (about $ 3,400) went to Final Destination, a documentary in which filmmaker Ricardas Marcinkus follows a Lithuanian prisoner who is released after 28 years of incarceration and rather quickly reverts to his former patterns of drug abuse on the …