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Drug abuse goes out of control
Chaman Shah Etemadi, the representative from Ghazni and member of the parliamentary committee to counter narcotics said a lack of jobs and failure to provide vocational training to cured drug addicts were stumbling blocks to their successful …
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Legal high battle a political hot potato
Addicts and their families have come forward to share their tales of developing psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, losing relationships and jobs while dependent on the legal highs, and how they have struggled to shake that dependency. Medical experts fear …
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State senator leads drug talk
WEIRTON – State Sen. Robert "Rocky" Fitzsimmons, D-Wheeling, asked the many attending a meeting Thursday of Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention for input in dealing with the illegal drug problem and got an earful. Various officials from Brooke …
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Divided Panel Upholds Lengthy Drug Sentence
Four were in New Jersey, and three were drug related. None of them … She pointed to Lovett's "near perfect prison record" in his 11 years of incarceration so far, supportive letters from family, friends and community members, and history of substance …
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FDA, HHS Reaffirm Support for Chronic Pain Patients Amid Zohydro ER Debate
Commissioner Hamburg has made a sensible case that fighting prescription drug abuse in America requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach without affecting access to opioid medications, which can have a dramatic positive effect on the lives …
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The Politics of Cocaine
In fact, according to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health done a few years ago, nearly 1.5 million Americans met the criteria for abusing cocaine or being dependent on it. Another report gathers that, in the same year, nearly 25% of all emergency …
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Passages Malibu Marks Alcohol Awareness Month
“In our clinical experience at Passages, young people with unresolved traumatic experiences or mental health issues are particularly at risk for becoming dependent on alcohol,” said Pax Prentiss, CEO of Passages Addiction Treatment Centers. “As a …
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Study shows important parallels between epidemic of HIV/AIDS and opioid
These are the findings of a comparative review of HIV/AIDS and addiction by researchers Josiah D. Rich, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights, based at The Miriam Hospital; Traci C. Green, Ph.D., MSc, Department of …

The scourge of heroin addiction
The governor's directives, which include public health advisories to educate the public about opioid addiction treatment options, will hopefully demystify common misperceptions, such as crime increases when there is a treatment center in one's …
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Question by Megan H: Drug/alcohol addiction treated like an illness but food addiction people are just called fat, why is that?
I know people who go to N.A. and A.A. and it is free, 2 of them even receive SSI payments as they are too “addicted” to work. I on the other hand, have a food addiction. I’m morbidly obese because of it, but Weight Watchers meetings charge me money to attend. Drug addicts have clinics they can go to for free medical care, I have to pay to go to gym. Mine addiction I’m told is one I can give up with will power, but they have a “disease”..I want to know why is it different? I am so tired of trying only to be shut down at every try and my health insurance would pay for me to go in rehab, but not for weight loss clinic or program. I feel like I should start being a druggie to get any help!
Let me give you a few details. I care for my 80 yr old mother and my 2 grandkids as their parents are off on drugs somewhere and I only get $ 335 from state to help pay for their care. I work 2 jobs just to pay bills and 1 of them is at fast food, the other is for insurance office. I cannot afford to buy better insurance and not eligible for state insurance because they say I make too much. By the end of working 14 hours a day M-F and 8 on Sat, plus all the housework, I am just too tired to work out. And there are plenty of free services for bulimia and anorxia, but not for food addition. I’m not making excuses I just want to know why the system is step up this way.
I eat for free at restaurant job and with the amount I earn I have to because the money has to go to pay for rent/utilities and childcare the state only allows me 40hours a week for the 2 kids. My grocery budget for 4 of us is $ 50 a week, so we eat as cheap as possible and yes that means alot of canned foods and such. People need to get off their high horses and walk a mile in someone elses shoes.

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Answer by RdRedWine
GET A BETTER INSURANCE!!! Even mine offers free programs and discounts to fitness clubs and martial arts courses.

Weight Watchers is a FOR PROFIT company. You need to look into support groups.

Check the newspaper and go to health fairs. Some free courses are offered at your local hospital. At some health fairs you can get your diabetes tested, eyes and teeth checked, and blood pressure taken. Check our your YMCA and community building for free classes.

Answer by Shane
I think it’s because drugs and alcohol are actually physically addictive, while food is only mentally addictive at best. You can never be anything more than mentally dependent on food. And I know, I used to weigh 350+ lbs but I finally got my head out of my ass and lost 150 lbs. There is nothing magical about weight loss, you burn more calories than you take in and you lose weight. And if looking better, feeling better, and living longer aren’t good enough reasons for you to break this “addiction”, then nothing will be. Good luck!

Sugar: Nature's gift and curse
In this way, stigma can be removed and one can take advantage of necessary support. 3. … The human being's almost universal enjoyment and insatiable desire for sugar has virtually all of the hallmarks of a true addiction comparable to that associated …
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Delaware clinic of 'house of horrors' abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell to become
The Delaware clinic in which 'house of horrors' abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell performed late-term terminations is being turned into an emergency food and support center for poor families. Lutheran Community Services purchased the building in …
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Drug abuse forums aim to educate, save lives
At a drug abuse awareness forum hosted by the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education, known as CAPE, and the Wappingers Central School District, Marcia Grant shares the story of her son Roger, who died of a drug overdose in 2011. / Courtesy …
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Life-saving program to cure drug and alcohol addicts under scrutiny
They are Sydney's worst addicts – so dependent on drugs or alcohol they are locked up and forced into detox. The program has divided experts and sparked debate over the ethics of involuntary treatment. I used to like how it would make me feel but then …
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Treatment Options Present Obstacles As Heroin Abuse Rises in Suffolk County
However, said Mr. Spota, while law enforcement is an effective tool in limiting the supply of drugs like heroin, it is not going to be the silver bullet in ending drug abuse. … coverage, according to Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, executive director of the …
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How to save the American Dream
Because the higher a country's income inequality, the higher its infant mortality rates, obesity rates, homicide rates, illiteracy rates, mental illness rates, teenage births, incarceration rates, drug addiction rates, social immobility and lower life …
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Kentucky addicted babies increasing despite pain-pill crackdown
Have you taken pain medications from friends or family members without their knowledge? • Have you ever stolen property … mistakes the way Trinity did. Trinity is part of a heartbreaking surge in babies born dependent on drugs because of their …
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Fundraiser to help East TN Children's Hospital treat babies born
… Children's Hospital, which treats up to 30 or more NAS babies at a time. Members of local military attended the fundraiser in support. … KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Thousands of babies across the country are born each and every year addicted to the drugs …
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Community Services for March 16
JOURNEY THROUGH THE VALLEY grief support group, sponsored by Lawley Premier Hospice Care, meets from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesday each month at 101 Church St., Rainbow City. … Al-Anon Family Groups, a fellowship of relatives and …
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