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Question by miley cyrus: question? i’m a sophomore doing a research paper on protistution?
but i have no clue how to prove theisis statment on on protistuition i’m so loss and getting stress out over this can some one with a knowledge please help me

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Answer by BJ
I only have knowledge on the legal aspect of prostitution but it also helps to know what your thesis statement is and your stance on the topic.

Answer by Ellen
Don’t be stressed. You can hit this one out of the park. A good thesis is something like this:
A very large number of prostitutes trade sex for money to pay for a drug habit. This is a fact that you should be able to support (just Google “prostitution and drug addiction.” I am not an expert in the field, but have read a lot about it, and know that a huge number of prostitutes have a drug habit that costs hundreds of dollars a day to satisfy. Because you cannot make hundreds of dollars a day working at a minimum wage job, or even a decent paying job, many women hit the streets in an effort to make enough fast money to fund their addictions. You can also discuss the fact that drugs and prostitution may be a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” kind of problem. That is, even women who may have gotten into prostitution because they had no means to earn a living otherwise may turn to drugs to ease the pain and shame of trading sex for money. Those women then wind up shackled to a job that they may have thought they’d only do for a short while — because their drug habits get out of control, they cannot afford not to leave.

Play with this, and I’ll bet you come up with a good paper. And relax. Relaxed writers do the best work.

The Homework Fairy, aka Ellen

Experts present papers at mental disorders forum
MENTAL FOCUS: Nearly 120 participants from the Kingdom and abroad will present 54 lectures and 38 research papers at the conference on addiction and mentally disorder which opened in Jeddah on Saturday. (AN photo). JEDDAH: … Addressing the hospital's …
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Things to do-March 12-May 3
Hosted by Family Patterns Matter, money raised will go to the programs designed by the youth advisory board to address issues of bullying, drug use, and low self-worth plaguing their peers. Presenting sponsors are Flat Creek Country Club and Cannongate …
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Thursday Papers: Higher-rate taxpayers bear heaviest burden
The Guardian: AstraZeneca has agreed to sell its Alderley Park research site in Cheshire as it moves drug discovery to a new global centre in Cambridge. The Guardian: Britain's property market "furore" is showing the first signs of dying down …

The '60s Are Gone, But Psychedelic Research Trip Continues
Leary was fired for experimenting with psychedelics on undergraduates, and before long, LSD was classified as a Schedule I drug, meaning it had "no known medical use. … He studied the effect of hallucinogens on mental disorders, including addiction.
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No, Americans Are Not All To Blame for the Financial Crisis Exposing the big
It's just that the amount of borrower behavior fitting that definition is vanishingly small. Before …. “The boom in trading activity in individual stock portfolios; the spread of legalized gambling; the rise of drug and alcohol addiction—it is all …
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The Problem with Keynesianism – John Mauldin
Let's start with a classic definition of Keynesianism from Wikipedia, so that we can all be comfortable that I'm not coloring the definition with my own bias (and, yes, I admit I have a bias). (Emphasis ….. I think that is when I realized I have an …
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Question by Ð4MÃN!™ (End the Fed!): Has the field of Psychiatry been infilitrated by drug companies?
Psychiatry, in a pure sense, should not involve drugging people. Psychiatrists should seek to cure their patient’s mental disorders or issues through natural means, and this is VERY possible. There is no need to drug over 30 million Americans every day. Its ridiculous.

I believe the answers is yes, so the real question may be: To what extent?

Psychiatrists are sponsored by drug companies, and are so loose with their prescription pads. They don’t do much asides from prescribing drugs. Its unfortunate, really.

Richard Louv, a scientist who studies a term he coined himself, “natural-deficit disorders” studies how so many of the mental disorders which psychiatrists work can be dealt with through other means, such as exposure to nature. It is absolutely not necessary to drug millions of Americans.
I’m not sure what the percentage is, but a substantially large percentage of the American population takes drugs for depression-related purposes.

He authored a book, titled “Last Child in the Woods” – Check it out if you want.

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Answer by Seinen Wakichou
Yes, but to be fair, there are a lot of people who have been helped by those drugs. I think they are over prescibed, but having worked with schizophrenic homeless people in my younger days, some of the people who we were able to get medical attention were greatly improved in terms of their ability to function, care for themselves, and relate to people. That said, it is more than a coincidence that there are epidemics of disorders like Adult Attention Deficit Disorder whenever there is a drug developed to cure it.

Answer by pioneer
Our society is *gradually* letting go of the outdated belief that “mental health problems” are “diseases,” which can be best treated by doctors trained in human psychology. Because the SYMPTOMS of many “mental illnesses” like AD-HD really DO recede with strategic medications, the argument that psychiatrists should prescribe drugs for selected conditions seems valid. “Herbal remedies” (and shamans) for emotional and physical distress have been around for thousands of years in all societies, so chemicals have a long-standing place in easing human discomfort.
Some psychiatrists over-medicate and mis-medicate – for example, prescribing mood-control drugs for “depression” – which is often a misdiagnosis of unfinished (normal) grief.. A demonstrable phenomenon is the “Placebo effect” – people who are told drugs will alleviate discomfort DO “feel better,” despite the drugs being bogus (like sugar pills). Part of the problem is that many patients only trust medication, and distrust “psycho-babble” (qualified counseling).
“Developed” nations are slowly growing to accept “non-traditional” health practices long known in older civilizations, like acupuncture, massage, and meditation.
Bottom line – I disagree with your conclusions.

Dangers of Emergency Contraceptives
It isolates the most at-risk women (teenagers and those in unstable relationships) from getting the medical care they need to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases and access appropriate contraceptive counseling. And in certain situations, emergency …
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Level Green seminar to warn about drug dangers
Bane's experience in drug intervention and therapy includes a 20-year stint as Gateway High School's coordinator of student assistance before that position was eliminated. In that role, Bane worked with students who needed to be referred to counseling …
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DUI Trial Starts for Torrance Substance Abuse Counselor
A defense attorney conceded today that a substance abuse counselor downed two airplane-sized bottles of vodka shortly before fatally striking a pedestrian, but claimed the victim leapt at the car, while a prosecutor said the motorist drove two miles …

Family Time: How imaginative play benefits your child
Just make sure you have plenty of fun supplies on hand, such as glitter, paper, glue, markers, boxes, feathers, sequins or any other trinkets you have on hand. * Use the great outdoors as a playground: Encourage your kids to use the great outdoors as …
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Inside The Washington Post, in the 14th paragraph of the story about O'Malley's “accomplishments” as Maryland governor, the paper informed readers about O'Malley's health care website debacle. “O'Malley said his administration has learned from the …

Three things to know about the Respect for Communities Act
Advocates, who include the NDP and many members of the medical community, say the sites help curb drug addiction, reduce disease transmission and make neighbouring communities safer. Research suggests that communities around a safe injection sites have …
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Question by Mr. Sir: If feminists want equal pay for women?
Then shouldn’t there be pay equity among men first, so it is easier to tell that a woman is getting paid less than all her male colleagues?
@ Jeff- Well men don’t earn the same amount of money as other men. How can we tell that there is true wage disparity between genders if neither gender has a standard wage among themselves?
@ Jiff- Sorry, meant to put Jiff, not Jeff, in the first additional comment.

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Answer by Jiffy Ann
well women need the equal
amount of money as men gets

Answer by Empress Luka ルカ
It was “equal pay for equal work,” if you were paying attention.
Just “equal pay period” is Communism.

You don’t need to be a Communist to have equality — just equal opportunity from the starting gate (ensured by taxes to help bring the lower class children to the same starting line. That is: better schools, better health care, etc.) and personal initiative to carry you through, but with some help for those who are physically/mentally handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged.

I am a Liberal and I believe in helping those in need and doing all that you can to aid the larger community. I am not a Communist simply because I recognize that people need some positive reinforcement to keep them going and on track; purely negative reinforcement just creates unrest and misery.

@ The Fall of Man
I can most certainly hold my own.
Like the vast majority liberals, I am from the educated middle class — the level that can both contribute our efforts in the workforce and still afford to help others, as well as realize the importance of doing so, but doesn’t have the degree of greed and selfishness to launch us into the wealthy class.
I am not sure where the conservative idea that “all liberals are stoopid welfare parasites” came from. Most of us are neither rich nor poor. The wealthy/elite, the country/small town bunch, and the rural poor have always tended to gravitate towards conservatism. Liberalism is always strongest in more updated urban areas with lots of educational and working opportunities as well as a thriving middle class.

@ The Fall of Man
So, do you think it fair that people are born into poverty and therefore can’t get a very good education, so that the get lower-paying “un-skilled” jobs and will likely stay poor?
Do you think it fair that because someone is born with a physical/mental disease and disables them from working, they should have to suffer for it?
Eventually, if everything works out the right way, everyone should have an amazing education, complete safety, advanced healthcare, and as much community [moral] support as possible, regardless of what class he/she was born into. Therefore, whether you succeed and fail would become 110% you, not your birth class, not luck, not talent, not your family/parents, not money/resources, etc. Just you. If you hate this idea, it’s probably because you like being lucky and don’t want to have more people to compete with in the workforce — in that case, you are being a petty elitist (thinking that you are by nature better or more deserving than everyone else).
For this to equal starting-ground to be a reality, everyone needs to pitch in. Those with more are just going to have to give a little more. Don’t worry, there’ll still be a hierarchy — just not one dependent on luck and birth, but rather true hard work.
This starts now. If you keep chucking the weight on your descendants, nothing will ever get done. Everyone needs to give some and pledge themselves to the greater good, at least in part, today and every day.

@ The Fall of Man
Fine, I’ll try to make it simple so you can understand me.
I said it before and I can say it again: Liberals do not “steal people’s money.”
We give our aid, surplus derived from OUR OWN sweat and blood, to the disadvantaged and expect others to help as well. Everyone needs to pay their fair share. If I can be a good person and a part of the community, you can too.
I believe in some hierarchy, but hierarchy based off of hard work, determination, and mutual respect — not luck. If, growing up, you had loving parents, received a quality education, lived in a safe area, got medical treatment when you needed it, had no physical/mental disorders, had a roof over your head, weren’t pressured into drugs/alcohol/gangs while you were too young to know those were bad ideas, weren’t abused or bullied, weren’t threatened with violence into intentionally get lower grades, and/or didn’t face prejudice, you were VERY LUCKY. Many many people never got those privileges and, therefore, couldn’t have gotten into the same place you are in now no matter how hard they worked. And sometimes those people need a little extra help.

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Cumberland County treatment court addresses the issue of drugs, their effect
“What I think Cumberland County has done a good job with for a long time is recognizing that simply putting folks like that in jail doesn't do anything to break the cycle of addiction, substance abuse and criminal behavior,” he said. “We've gotten a …
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Deprogramming China's Youth
The Chinese government has erected 400 rehabilitation boot camps like this one to treat Internet addiction disorder. While the most recent edition (PDF) of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) hasn't yet recognized it as a …
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