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Question by mandapati a: US civil war produced over 400,000 pationts of “Soldiers disease”.what is the condition known as ?

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Answer by Jon C
That is what is called PTSD today right? It was soldiers disease then, shell shock in the middle of the 1900’s and now it is called post tramatic stress disorder.

Answer by timo_10143
battle fatigue

Percocet Addiction & Percocet Abuse – – Percocet Addiction & Percocet Abuse – Take the first step toward drug or alcohol rehabilitation and call our Toll Free Recovery …

There is an increased need for Percocet addiction treatment as prescription drug abuse becomes more common in the United States. Drug rehabilitation programs are having to a provide care, treatment and services to people that are addicted prescription drugs, most often those prescribed for pain relief and anxiety.

Percocet is a pain in reliever that is prescribed by doctors obviously for pain management. Percocet goes by a number of brand names, including Roxicet, Tylox, Narvox, Endocet and Magnacet. Individuals who perhaps have had surgery or have injured themselves severely, may be prescribed Percocet. Though it works well in this regard, it is very addicting.

The potential for an individual to develop a physical dependency on the drug is really great and can happen in only to three weeks. For this reason, doctors are generally very careful about prescribing it and when they do so they may give the patient another drug and require them to alternate the doses of each. This approach is designed to help individuals avoid becoming addicted to Percocet.

Percocet abuse has devastated the lives of the many people that have become addicted to it. Some of these individuals develop an addiction quite innocently. As stated above, they may have been prescribed it for pain and somehow developed a physical dependence on it. After this occurs, they may go to great lengths in order to continue to obtain the drug. This might include doctor shopping, stealing the drugs and even pharmaceutical forgery.

Individual’s looking for Percocet addiction treatment will need to make sure that they find a facility that has experience in dealing with individuals who have addictions of this nature. Often times, prescription drug addicts (those this also occurs amongst those addicted to other types of drugs) refuse to believe that they have a problem a largely because the medication is prescribed. They also might not understand the damage they are doing to themselves, family members or the high potential for death by overdose. Percocet addiction and those to other prescription medications are just dangerous and powerful as drugs such as cocaine crack, crack and heroin and they must be taken seriously as well.

The particular Percocet addiction treatment that one may undergo will likely differ based on the facility that they enter. One option that is used quite a bit is medically supervised detoxification. This often includes the drug Suboxone which is known to help individuals slowly get off of drugs. It also eases the withdrawals symptoms. The easier the withdrawal process is, the less chance that individuals will relapse. Often times, persons will begin taking drugs again soon after quitting because the withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable and severe.

A Percocet addiction can develop very quickly. Within three weeks, a person who takes this drug is at risk of becoming dependent or addicted to it. Percocet is an opioid and is a prescription medication given for pain. Doctors often prescribe it when a persons has had a serious injury or after surgery. Unfortunately, it is very, very addictive. For this reason doctors often prescribe two painkillers so that persons can alternate their use. This is supposed to reduce the risk of addiction.

Overtime, if a person uses Percocet enough then they can become physically addicted and will begin to feel terrible when they are not able to obtain it. Subsequently, these strong cravings will drive them to attempt to get the drug even if it requires doing something illegal. They will also develop physical symptoms that can only be quelled by taking the drug again. When this occurs, an addictive cycle has developed.

Percocet is a mixture Tylenol also known as acetaminophen, and the narcotic Oxycodone. It is very similar to Oxycontin, another, commonly abused prescription pain reliever. While both men and women suffer from Percocet addiction, it seems to affect women a little more then their male counterparts. It can be taken in pill form and swallowed or crushed up and snorted. The age group that appears to be hardest hit are those between 12 and 17 and 18 and 25.

The abuse of pharmaceuticals such as Oxycontin, Vicodien and Percocet has increased nearly 100% between the years 2000 and 2004. Some drug research organizations have found that prescription abuse is second only to the popular drug marijuana.

Percocet addiction must often times be treated in a drug rehab facility. During this time, an individual is likely to experience withdrawals which are very serious, possibly painful and very uncomfortable. Specific Percocet withdrawals include vomiting, diarrhea, the shakes, not being able to sleep, having a high level of anxiety and irritability, profuse sweating, yawning, runny nose and eyes and a decrease in appetite. Some of these withdrawals symptoms also occur when individuals try to stop using other drugs as well.

Being in a rehab facility while a person is going through this process might make things easier and is very helpful. The addict might be to secure some type of medication to make withdrawal symptoms less severe, if the rehab center makes it available.

There is more than one way to treat a Percocet addiction and there’s no method that is considered 100% correct. Individuals with a strong Percocet addiction may need to first go through detoxification. This often times involves receiving some type of medication to again, ease their withdrawal symptoms. This might occur in a hospital or in a specialized treatment centers. Sometimes people are given Suboxone also known as buprenorphine. This is a maintenance therapy drug. Individuals are given this in replace of Percocet, eventually being weaned off of the drug completely. This helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms, which makes the process of getting of Percocet much less difficult.

Percocet abuse has become a serious and pressing problem in the United States. An increasing number of individuals including men, women, adolescents and teenagers are using prescription drugs but not for their intended purposes but to get high. One of the most commonly prescription drugs utilized for this reason is Percocet. Percocet is a prescription painkiller that consists of Oxycodone which is a narcotic and Tylenol. It is given in various doses depending on the amount of pain a person complains of. Individuals can ingest Percocet by swallowing in pill form. They may also chew it or crush it and snort it similarly to what one might do when using cocaine.

Persons that use Percocet may experience feelings of drowsiness, become lightheaded, feel sedated, may throw up or become constipated. They may also have strong feelings of well-being or euphoria. These are the primary feelings people are after when they use Percocet. Like any other drugs, whether they are prescribed or illegal, there are dangers involved, particularly if one overdoses. In these instances a person’s skin may turn blue or turn get clammy and/or cold. They may fall into a coma, have a heart attack or experience a slow heart beat. They may also vomit or develop muscle weakness.

One of the biggest dangers of Percocet use is that is very highly addictive. Individuals can become dependent on the drug in as little as two to three weeks. However the strong feelings of euphoria that the drug provides make this potential trade off worth it for many people. Also, the body’s chemical structure is altered so that it becomes physically difficult for people to stop. Only after detoxification of the drug and intense therapy, in the majority of cases, will an individual be able to overcome Percocet abuse and addiction.

Many individuals who have a Percocet abuse problem will require some type of treatment. This is partly because the drug is so physically addicting that it can be difficult for one to quit on their own even if they have iron will power. Often times it is necessary for a person to go through a detoxification program, though it is possible for one to detox on their own. This period is very distressing largely due to the physical withdrawals. Persons may have the shakes, throw up, sweat profusely, and runny nose and/or eyes.

This process has to occur and once individuals get through it, they will be able to better face the addiction. After detoxification, a person may need to go to counseling to understand why they use drugs and to develop strategies to avoid their use in the future. Percocet abuse is a very dangerous and very costly. It can cost an individual their lives physically and also the way of life they have become accustomed to.