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National Take-Back Day Will Reduce the Number of Prescription Drugs in
The two drug, alcohol, and prescription abuse treatment centers offer an alternative to the 12 step/AA model of addiction treatment by utilizing a holistic program that focuses on the underlying issues of substance dependency, rather than attributing …
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Special Discount Now Available at Serenity Vista, a Luxury Drug Rehab Facility
Located in beautiful Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama, the luxury drug rehab center aims to assist alcoholics and addicts in recovering from their addiction in a serene setting that offers several leisure activities meant to help patients focus on their well …

Filling the void
JAK's is a drop-in center for people affected by mental illness in any way. Yoga is part of Miller's holistic approach to health. “I benefit as much as they … There are no inpatient facilities in Door County, so clients usually go to Nicolet …
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Bay Area Recovery Center Introduces New Alcohol Rehabilitation Services
For such a serious condition, it is not just enough to find an alcohol treatment center, since they are a dime a dozen. It is imperative to choose the best treatment facility that one can find. To this end, Bay Area Recovery Center—also known as BARC …
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Grand Prairie TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Expanded Drug Rehabilitation
Grand Prairie TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an expanded drug rehabilitation program for adults and adolescents seeking help for their drug addiction problems in Grand Prairie. Drugs have been popular for many years, but their dangerous side …
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Teen Helpline Brings Hope to those with Substance Abuse
Drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide a variety of treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy along with mandatory education programs. The treatments available at rehab centers can help any patient achieve …
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Mountainside Offers Help For Today, Hope For Tomorrow to Alcoholics
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center joins in the national campaign to raise awareness about alcoholism and its impact on young people, families and communities in Connecticut. The theme for this …
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Study: App helps alcoholics stay sober
CHICAGO — A smartphone app for recovering alcoholics that includes a panic button and sounds an alert when they get too close to taverns helped keep some on the wagon, researchers who developed the tool found. The sober app studied joins a host of …
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Alcoholics Anonymous in UAE: 'attendees are getting younger'
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been helping those suffering with debilitating addictions in the UAE since 1977 – but a counsellor says those attending its meetings these days are younger. Loneliness, work stress and financial worries are among the …
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Question by : What are four drug help websites?
I’m doing a project on ecstasy for health class and I need to find four websites to help drug abusers. Help?

Best answer:

Answer by Anonymus None
Google in “drug help” or “rehab” should come up with tons of treatment centers or for an even quicker search google A and E Intervention there should be a box that says treatment or treatment centers click that viola! easy A for your project.

Evansville IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Installation of New Program for
Evansville IN Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that it is installing a new program for drug addicts seeking relief from their way of living that is now available in Evansville and surrounding areas. With the proliferation of all types of drugs in today …
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Sandusky, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Updated Residential Treatment
Too many people live their lives under the spell of drug addiction, hiding and shunning those who love them in order to get their daily fix. When the power of drugs wears off, a person is left with decisions and choices. Yet this mental state that they …
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Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse
Newark OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Additional Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Understanding the power of drugs and alcohol that take a person from functioning to broken helps when beginning to heal, and there is help available.
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Corpus Christi TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Residential Treatment Program
Corpus Christi TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching a residential treatment program for individuals in Corpus Christi and surrounding Coastal Bend cities. People that go into residential treatment are waving the white flag, admitting drugs no longer help …
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Dallas TX Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Expansion of Residential Treatment
Dallas TX Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an expansion of its residential treatment services for people looking to stop their drug abuse problems in Dallas. Entering a residential treatment facility can seem scary and intimidating for a practicing drug …

Bay Area Recovery Announce New Drug Rehab Services
Unlike some drug rehab centers, Bay Area Recovery focuses not just on the substance abuse, but on the underlying issues that may be triggering the abuse, such as emotional trauma and depression. Their team of psychologists is as prepared to handle the …
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