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Drug Addiction: Medical and Emotional Help
People with a drug addiction need both medical help and emotional support. A conservative view might blame the person, while a very liberal view might attack the drug. In actuality, the only thing that is important is the rehabilitation of the member …
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Fayetteville YMCA starting community conversation about heroin
The conversation is meant to raise awareness of, and educate people about, heroin addiction, as well as support those already dealing with it. Among the event's 11 panelists is East Syracuse mom Melissa Hosier, whose 19-year-old daughter died of a …

BioCorRx gears up for battle vs. drug addiction epidemic
The second component is a customized coaching program for alcoholics and drug addicts. The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) has expressed support to BioCorRx's program. “We support the full range of all forms of medication being made available to people …
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Addiction can be wedge, stake in heart of a family
These days, she finds herself often trying to steer families lost in the fog of addiction. “With this new set of drugs it's a very different approach to treatment, there's not a lot of guidance and certainly not a lot of support for families who are …
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Tampa FL Christian Drug Rehab Announces New Bible-Based Treatment Program
Tampa FL Christian Drug Rehab is announcing that a new Bible-based treatment program is now available for Christians suffering through the difficulties of drug addiction in Tampa and surrounding cities. Drug addiction is a disease that does not …

Peaches Geldof secretly visited drug rehab; heroin cause of death
Peaches Geldof was secretly seeking treatment for her heroin addiction, according to a confidential source at a Kent drug rehabilitation clinic. On May 1, the source revealed that the 25-year old British socialite was on methadone—an opiod used to …
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US Attorney Assembles Group To Address Growing Problem Of Opiate Overdoses
“I've been in the field over 30 years in western Pennsylvania, and at this time, the problem with prescription drug abuse, heroin addiction and drug overdose deaths have never been worse in our community,” said group co-chair Nick Capretto …
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Drug debate: Will punishing women who take drugs while pregnant help, hurt or
They believe mothers worried about criminal charges are more likely to avoid addiction treatment or prenatal care, and unlikely to seek treatment for infants suffering from the symptoms of drug dependency. Some may leave the state or seek abortions to …
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Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics
“Substance abuse requires comprehensive approaches that include prevention, intervention and treatment. But if we can get these unneeded drugs out of our neighborhoods, we will be taking a step in the right direction.” Yet, amid this opiate epidemic, …
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'Treatment, not punishment'
The Asian Harm Reduction Network Myanmar office was established in July 2003 under a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Home Affairs' Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control. The AHRN, which now works in cooperation with the Ministry of …
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The good and the bad about Elevation Church.
“I was once a drug addict and this church has cleansed me for the better.” She elaborated, “No matter what your past, Furtick says to bring the … church and everything members receive costs money. It's expensive. I know all the funds go to support …
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Police warn businesses of increase in drug-related shoplifting
… them for money or trading them for drugs. Earlier this month, a man was arrested after he walked out of Kitz and Pfeil True Value Hardware with more than $ 500 worth of copper wire, which he stole to resell in order to support his heroin addiction …
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Fighting heroin addiction / Treatment beds needed
Cape May County does not have a single bed listed in the state Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services' treatment directory (although the county does offer placement services and covers three weeks of in-patient treatment through a group …
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Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
As the ranks of heroin users rise, increasing numbers of addicts are looking for help but are failing to find it – because there are no beds in packed facilities, treatment is hugely expensive and insurance companies won't pay for inpatient rehab. Some …
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Question by Jill M: if you self harm??… hospital?
i have recently been seriously self harming. taking over doese then throwing up, cutting. not eating then binging, feeling worthless. stupid question but do i have a problem and if my parents find out will they send ,e to a hospital? i want to stop just in case they do but i dont have the strength. i dont want to bed strapped down to a bed. if i end up going will that happen to me if i try to break free? are they easy to get out of?

Any proffestional tips on how i can stop.
Really scared, thankyou

Best answer:

Answer by Joe from WI
If your emotional state is causing you to overdose and throw up, and cut yourself, you do need to see a doctor to find out what is causing it. The doctor will try to find out what is causing it and fix the problem.
Please, talk to a doctor.

Answer by Mod Allice
Honey you need to tell your parents or a doctor or call 911 if you have to but the doctors can help and the hospital won’t strap you down to a bed and you won’t have to try to escape. You are on a one way street to suicide and no one wans that for you sweetie. You need some help don’t be afraid of it. God Bless You

Dara Addiction Rehabilitation Center Pairs Up With Mahidol University Program
In an agreement that CEO Darren Lockie has described as a “win-win,” DARA, a Thailand-based addiction treatment and rehabilitation center, has joined forces with Mahidol University's ASEAN Institute for Health Development. The five-year partnership …
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Prosecutor presents panel to fight opiate addictions, overdoses
Neil A. Capretto, medical director at Gateway Rehabilitation Center who will co-chair the effort, said the group includes "a lot of people who have the ability to make things happen. "We all agree that it's worth the effort, and to do nothing is not …
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Heroin Fix Starts In Doc's Office
Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy convened the group Thursday morning at the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center on Columbus Avenue to discuss a troubling rise in heroin addiction and deaths in Connecticut and beyond. The event brought together people …
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