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Why Do Some Prescription Drugs Have Some Really Adverse Effects on People?

Question by Sky: Why do some prescription drugs have some really adverse effects on people?
I just came out of kidney surgery yesterday for stones–twice this year alone–and the drugs I’m on have made me really jumpy, nervous, wiped out, and just too energetic for my tastes.

Why am I feeling like this? Is it because I don’t have the same tolerance to meds as some people do, or is it because I lack that “addiction” factor that sometimes pops up with blatant drug abuse?


(Yes, they put a stent in me.)

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Answer by rick29148
Nothing is perfect, everything is a compromise. The drug(s) have a side affect, and your doctor has decided that the side affect is not bad enough to have you stop taking it. I has in a truck wreck 5-1/2 years ago, and there were some internal injuries. One of my daily meds is a super niacin pill for spleen damage. If I don’t take it with an asprin at the right time, it will make my skin turn red and try to crawl up my back….not terrible, but not my idea of a good time. Doc says it’s the only med available to keep the spleen producing the white blood cells I need, so, I take the pills. Ask your doc, maybe there is another med you can take that will do the same thing without the side affects… Good Luck.

Answer by Susan Yarrawonga
Prescription drugs are regarded as invasive alien substances by our bodies that reject them and the side effects are basically protests by our bodies.

Unfortunately, we sometimes or even often need prescription medication as it usually works much faster than natural medication which often fails to overcome the relevant medical problem. Natural medication sometimes helps a bit but often not enough so then you have to take prescription medication which is rarely without side effects.

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